Simple, honest, clean plantbutters

Our plantbutters are simple, honest and clean, here’s how:


Our plantbutters were dreamed up in Amy’s home kitchen using domestic equipment and organic ingredients. Amy’s motivation was to create a delicious tasting, plantbased alternative to dairy butter because plantbutter has a four times lower carbon footprint than dairy butter and has no association with animal cruelty often linked to the conventional dairy industry.


  • SINCERE – We will always provide you with information about what our products contain, how they are made and where the ingredients are sourced.
  • SUSTAINABLE – We are a sustainable business that ensures that all activities related to our business consider the impact it has on the environment and the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • CONSCIOUS BUSINESS – We believe that our business should align with your highest values so that when you choose our products you are doing the greatest good for the earth and all its beings.


  • NO HEXANE – We use only organic ingredients which means our ingredients are grown with natural, organic fertilisers and pesticides and do not undergo any toxic processing. Our plant oils have been extracted without solvents unlike un-organic oils which use Hexane, a petroleum derivative, to extract non-organic oils from their seeds.
  • NO PALM-OIL – We prefer cocoa butter which is naturally firm at room temperature and which gives our plantbutters their unique melt-in-the-mouth quality just like dairy butter.
  • NO GMO
  • NO PLASTIC – We package our plantbutters in compostable packaging and we will never use plastic.

Who is Aya

Aya is a west African Goddess of forests, she protects the forest and its animals and she teaches her tribe how to use the plants to sustain and heal themselves. We chose the name Aya because we align with her values.